Diverse art. Global artists. Meaningful causes.


Artébien's goal is to infuse the beauty of art into every aspect of our everyday lives while making a difference.

From what you carry to what you wear. From what you give to where you live. Artébien aims to immerse you in all that is art and creativity, all for the right reasons.

Each Artébien item is bespoke made-to-order. Profits from each piece sold not only goes to support the artists behind their creation, but also towards the most pressing causes globally – homelessness, women’s rights, refugees, third-world education, and more.  Find out more here.

Artébien also works with and supports varying sized producers and fulfillers across the globe including Spain, UK, Latvia, Mexico, United States, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Colombia and more.

Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it. Beauty will save the world.
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